The Introduction – Play post number one.

Welcome to I bravely call it the Past, Present, and Future of Chocolate. Bold statements. But my learning goes back to the start of the percentage movement started by Sharffenberger in 1997. They were the first to put percentages on bars. Trips home to the Bay Area let me explore the wonders of 63% or 70% bars with a craft maker’s lineage.

Last year I toured six chocolate factories. I tried over a 100 new single origin dark chocolate bars. I even added a slew of inclusion bars to the mix. Inclusions and blends seem to represent a good share of the future market for chocolate.

Telling you where it is going is the arrogant part. I bring a reasonable knowledge of economics to the table. I have studied coffee as part of my journey. Coffee is a few years ahead of chocolate, but has enough similarities to chocolate that it is a great predictor of the future of cacao. I write this in sight of a wine shop that helps me learn more about wine. Wine is a hundred years ahead of chocolate, and is something cacao only dreams of being now. I also have a great skill at big-picture, or systems, thinking. I might have a few good ideas to share from a high level view of cacao, coffee, and societies in general.

It should be an interesting adventure. If you want a current pictures journey you can follow my Instagram page.