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Raspberry Ganache

Well I have written myself up a tree, or at least designed myself up a tree. One of chocolate's great adventures is exploring new recipes in your own kitchen. I have left no space for that on my site. For now I will have to put my explorations in the essay section. This particular essay will be an evolving piece on my explorations of raspberry ganache. (And no pictures for now, sorry.)

If you have worked with ganache before you know it is basically a combination of cream and chocolate used for truffles. Usually you take equal parts chocolate and cream, boil the cream, pour it over chopped chocolate, let it sit five minutes, stir, and chill. If you want it thicker or thinner you can vary the amount of cream. Some truffle recipes will call for butter and other flavorings as well. Recently I learned you do not have to use cream. {eyes light up!}

I came across a web page that mentioned you can use fruit sauces and liquids instead of cream! That intrigued me and it was off to the kitchen. (Well off to the grocery store first.) I made a raspberry sauce (puree and strain), boiled it and poured it over an equal amount of chocolate. The result is a soft, slightly grainy, but oh so fruity ganache! It could probably use less fruit so I will trade some fruit sauce for cream next time.

I will keep you posted on the results. If anyone wants to share ideas on this feel free to contact me at the address on the Contact page.

May 20, 2006
I made a version with a finer strain on the sauce, and mixed half cream and half sauce for my ganache. (4 oz. sauce, 4 oz. cream, boil and pour over 8 oz. chopped chocolate. Let set five minutes. Stir until smooth. Chill.) The result was smoother, richer, but still as intense flavor-wise.