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Well right now, us is just me, but you never know. There are many volunteer tasters and they might get credit (or shame) one of these days.

As long as I can remember I have been a big fan of candy, chocolate, and chocolate shops and factories. Sometime in 2005 it became much more than a small hobby. My heroic siblings moved my lovely mother to Portland. When I visited her there I discovered a great chocolate town. They have a wide variety of shops featuring a wide range of experiences. They even have a factory there, but I have not been able to tour it yet. While there I learned about a certain chocolate class that one shop owner had taken (See the Technology page). This class plays an important future role.

After visiting Portland I found a book in the library, Chocolate - A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light, by Mort Rosenblum. Reading that opening my soul to a whole new world of chocolate possibilities. Since then I have been tasting and exploring chocolate through books, shops, classes, and of course, tastings.

While reading an issue of Cocoaroma magazine (see Books link) I read about the Chocolate Technology class teacher, Terry Richardson. It was then I decided to take one of his classes. During a class dessert session I was trying to explain my crazy pursuit of chocolate enlightenment. Someone suggested that I should write about it. I don't feel ready for a book, but I have wanted to get a website going for quite a while. What you see before you is the result.

See the Contact Us page for more information on who us is.