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Dark Chocolate Shopping List

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Chocolate Adventures Dark Chocolate Kit

This is a possible shopping list for dark chocolate bars at Chocosphere ( or call 877-992-4626), just in case you want to order up a whole tasting kit in one swoop. It is based on the write-up on the tasting page linked above (in case you found your way here directly). I voted for individual bars instead of tasting size squares because you get more chocolate, and it is very easy to break these bars into 10 or more pieces. I do not get any referral fees (yet) for recommending these bars. I will let you know if that changes. Any website is glad to have a source of income. (I do get a little if you buy a book from Amazon).

  • E. Guittard Ambanja - Madagascar - $3.35
  • E. Guittard Quevedo - Ecaudor - $3.35
  • E. Guittard Sur Del Lago - Venezuela - $3.35
  • E. Guittard Chucuri - Colombia - $3.35
  • Chocovic Ocumare (Criollo) - $3.95
  • Chocovic Guyave (Trinitario) - $3.95
  • Chocovic Guaranda (Forastero) - $3.95
  • Dagoba Pacuare - Costan Rican - $3.99
  • Dagoba Sambirano - Madagascar - $3.99
  • Valrhona Chuao - $4.25
  • Valrhona Palmira - Venzuela - $4.70
  • Amedei "9" - $10.95
The total of these bars would be about $53.13, plus a ten dollar shipping charge. If you get this is a gift, you could print out the tasting page to give with it. If you do decide to try them I recommend trying the bars in the order listed. If you want to start small and spend less I would remove the Chocovic Trinitario bar from the list first as it may not reveal as much in the bean tasting variations. The Criollo/Forastero distinction is quite sharp as is. To reduce the budget further you can remove bars from the bottom end. Taking away an Amadei and a Valrhona bar as well would bring the cost down to $34, and, after all, you want to have something to get for Valentine's Day!