Tempering Chocolate - Heat

Melt - Pour - Scrape - Mush - Return - Stir - Heat - Test

Step 7: Heating goes along with the stirring. As you cooled the chocolate you created Form IV (4) and Form V (5) crystals. Our goal is a chocolate full of form V crystals. The Form IV crystals have a melting point of 81.5 degrees (Fahrenheit). Since they are not useful for proper crystalization we would like to melt them off. At the same time we want to keep the beautiful Form V (5) crystals. These melt at 92.8 degrees. Our goal is therefore to heat the chocolate to about 91 degrees. This is best done by setting over a water bath at about 94 degrees. If your water is too cool, you can add heat slowly and gently over the stove.